TVNZ rolling out the big puns for 7pm

Take a look at this promo for TV One’s new weeknight current affairs show Seven Sharp.

Despite feeling as though I’m being pitched an insurance policy, it feels very fresh and youthful for TV One.

Seven Sharp will hit screens on Monday February 4th where Greg Boyed, Alison Mau and Jesse Mulligan will be tasked with stealing Campbell Live’s audience without taking any of Shortland Street’s.

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  • h.lua

    haha hopefully seven sharp does take shortland streets viewers then something would have to give

  • I hope this will blow Shortland Street out of the water.

    • J

      I hope not, Shortland St is a good kiwi show. I don’t even need to doubt the viewership as i know Seven Sharp won’t perform much better than Close Up, if anything it might go down..

      • let’s face it, it wil end one day whether you like it or not.

  • Daniel

    I wonder how long this show will last? 5 months?

  • “Despite feeling as though I’m being pitched an insurance policy, ”