Video: Dancing on Ice skater dislocates shoulder on live TV

DancingonIcemarkWarning: Contains minor spoilers.

It’s fair to say that part of the appeal of shows like Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice is the small possibility that one of the celebrities will fall.

We aren’t hoping for serious injuries or anything like that, we just want to see a little slip-up every now and again because it’s entertaining.

However, in the latest season of Dancing on Ice in the UK, one of the professional skaters took a tumble on live TV that resulted in a dislocated shoulder.

Scottish figure skating professional Mark Hanretty, who was skating with a British MP named Oona King, fell and was seen clutching his shoulder as an awkward silence took over the live broadcast on ITV1.

But apparently they build them tough in Scotland. Just over a minute later, with the medics having popped his shoulder back in, Hanretty returned to the ice to perform the routine.

Check out the video below:



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