Winners and Losers

8:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on TV One

Ever felt like a loser at school? Ever wished you could win the lottery and change your life forever? Well that’s exactly what happened to these self-perceived losers in Winners And Losers.

This season, Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), Sophie (Melanie Vallejo), Frances (Virginia Gay) and Jenny (Melissa Bergland) will discover their lives are moving in directions none of them could have imagined.

Jenny finds herself in financial turmoil; Frances is faced with some serious soul-searching; Bec is married to the love of her life and expecting her first baby, even though it’s not with her husband; and Sophie’s life is on track for once – but will it last?

These best friends have hit the jackpot, but does money really bring happiness?

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