Charlie Sheen blames Chuck Lorre for Melanie Lynskey's divorce

CharlieSheenMLCharlie Sheen has blamed Two and a Half men creator Chuck Lorre for a lot of things in the past and now he’s added another one to the list.

Sheen told The Guardian that he believes Lorre was to blame for New Zealand actress Melanie Lynskey’s divorce from Jimmi Simpson.

During an anti-Big Bang Theory rant, Sheen mentioned how himself, Angus T. Jones and Melanie Lynskey had all been affected by Lorre.

“I’m sorry, but Big Bang Theory is a piece of s**t – it’s a stupid show and it’s just lame, about lame people. I like the kids in it, but that show without [Two and a Half Men] as a lead-in is… goodbye. And I’m rooting for those kids, because I know who they’re dealing with. The fact that they’re still sane is crazy. You know? He’s a bad man. And I’ve backed off from him for a while. 

“Look what happened to Angus [T Jones], man,” Sheen added. “Look what happened to me, look what happened to Melanie Lynskey, who’s getting divorced. That show devoured like 12 marriages.”

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