Days of Our Lives returning to NZ TV screens

4A780DAC-2339-4886-B6A3-FBBEA330A1D1Here’s some much welcomed news for fans of Days of Our Lives

The fictitious town of Salem, U.S.A., and the dramatic events of the Horton, Brady and Reed families, their friends, neighbours and acquaintances on DAYS OF OUR LIVES will return to our TV screens after almost 3 years.

Lifestyle and entertainment channel Choice TV is excited to be hosting this historic and much loved show “the feedback from our clients has been incredible and there was a huge petition from the fans to keep this show on air in NZ so I expect that there will be some very happy viewers tuning in to Choice TV” said Julia Baylis (Head of Programming and Acquisitions).

The last time DAYS OF OUR LIVES aired on NZ TV it was over 5 years behind the US but the first screenings on Choice TV will only be running six months behind. “Yes, a bit has gone on in Salem over the past few years but our favourite heroes, heroines and villains are still there. We’re also starting our run with the shows first ever gay story line,” said Julia Baylis.

Over 47 years old (the show premiered in the US on November 8, 1965) DAYS OF OUR LIVES is the longest running daytime drama. It’s still as popular as ever celebrating its 12,000th episode in the US recently and it’s been keeping up with the times through social media with over 603,000 fans on Facebook.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES can be viewed on CHOICE TV (Freeview Channel 12 and SKY 78) every weekday at 1:30PM, starting Monday 11 March.

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  • drew horan

    Great news for soap fans!!! Any chance of The young and the Restless returning????

  • DaMo

    Good news, yes. But Choice TV said in Throng’s piece that the show would be on a 6 month delay and I’m afraid to say that today’s end credits said “2011” so I’ve tweeted Choice TV and asked them to explain themselves over this discrepancy.

    • DaMo

      Choice got back to me on Twitter and they said “we meant 6 months behind Australia :)”. But not only did Choice say it to Throng but they also said it in this weeks TV Guide so I think they need to clarify the situation to both Throng and TV Guide.

  • I am all up to date watching it on you tube right up to 19th Mar 2013