Entourage movie getting back to what "people loved about the show"

ENTOURAGE2013Mark Wahlberg has given a few details regarding the forthcoming Entourage movie.

The actor, who executive-produced the series, said they hope to avoid making something similar to Sex and the City 2.

“We’ll start shooting around the end of the summer,” Wahlberg said.

“It’s never finished. We never wanted it to end, and we’ve always had people complain the episodes are too short, but it got tricky. ‘Sex and the City’ did a great job on the first movie, but it’s tough.

“If we get back to what people really loved about the show which is the guys… over the years they developed great relationships with female characters, but it was essentially about the guys… so we’re going to get back to that. If we don’t do it bad, I think we’ll be ok.”

When asked about a possible cameo appearance, Wahlberg said: “They’ve written a cameo for me as myself, appearing as a television producer, with someone trying to get a job from me… so, if they want me to do it, of course.”

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