ESPN adds more NBA games for NZ audiences

NBA-logoGood news for basketball fans today with ESPN announcing they are upping their NBA coverage in New Zealand.

An extra 10 regular season games will air during the 2012-13 season with an extra two First Round Playoff games and two additional Second Round Playoff games.

The 2013-14 season will receive an extra three regular season games each week alongside the two additional First Round and Second Round games.

The Eastern Conference Final will be added to ESPN this year with the Western Conference Final to be added in 2014.

Two Christmas Day games will also screen in 2013 as will the NBA All-Star Game on February 18.

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  • Greatest_Ever

    Bout damn time lol I find it weird that they show more NCAA basketball games than NBA here ??? Hell, the NCAA games are on T.V more than the NBL. ESPN Aus/NZ need to broadcast more NBA games. 2-3 games a week isn’t enough. 5-7 games a week of the regular season ought to do it. They should at least broadcast the entire playoffs like they do with NCAA’s march Madness. These day’s i find myself browsing youtube for daily recap’s of the Lakers. This is a good step in the right direction though. Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the NCAA stuff, but I’d rather watch the big league’s play. Less NCAA, more NBA please.