Graph: Campbell Live vs Seven Sharp

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Here is the latest updated graph for the ratings war between TV One’s Seven Sharp and TV3’s Campbell Live


As we’re now seeing, the predicted demise of Seven Sharp was all a bit premature and I suspect that TVNZ will be breathing a sigh of relief.  TV3 will be a little disappointed that they haven’t managed to make further inroads into the 5+ audience but the target demos are still performing for them.


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  • Wilbur

    Are TV one viewers worried their televisions will implode if they dare change the channel to the opposition at 7.00pm???

    • Mat

      Ya know what, maybe it’s because people are starting to like the show, or at least aspects of the show. Maybe people are starting to think for themselves instead of listening to those saying how pap the product was before it had started to air (seen by all the media polls of those who weren’t even going to bother watching the thing). I think it’s time to get away from this viewpoint that anyone who watches this on tv1 are only doing so because they are stupid and don’t know how to change the channel. The show is obviously attracting alot of people, and despite a few nights, is still out rating key opposition. Granted, it’s got the weight of TV1 behind it, but it’s still going up against a format which has been fine tuning itself for multiple years and is fronted by one of NZ’s most well respected broadcasters (JC).

      I would still be very curious to see what the reaction and critique of the show would have been if featured in a different timeslot. I think there are alot of people who have an opinion that the 7pm slot is for one format style only and that should never change. I think there is most certainly a place for 7 Sharp as a 5 night a week show, I get the feeling we would be seeing more positivity if placed somewhere else. Still, shoot me, but I like it. It’s taken its time and has improved alot, but to be expected. This wasn’t a natural roll on from Close Up, it was something new.

  • John McCready

    I doubt TVNZ are breathing any sigh of relief: the loss of audience flow through from One News is still far greater than it ever was from CLOSE UP. In my view the “show” is improving and the format moving to longer stories and has less short, sharp sound bites than opening weeks.

    • I’d say they are breathing a sigh of relief considering that the ratings haven’t continued on the way they were when the show launched.

  • Seven Sharp is improving? Impossible.

  • Campbell Live will back on top VERY soon 🙂