Graph: Not a pretty picture for Seven Sharp

seven-sharp-ratings-3-13TVNZ bosses may be starting to get a little flustered shortly if the ratings for their new current affairs show Seven Sharp continue on in the direction they are heading.

Seven Sharp has gone from having an average audience (5+) of 496,950 on debut to 333,520 on its third outing. The 19.3% drop on the second night was only slightly ahead of the 18.7% decrease on the third with a total loss of audience sitting at 34.4%.

Meanwhile TV3’s Campbell Live has remained fairly consistent as shown in the graph.

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  • bobscoffee

    Looking pretty bad. Hopefully this will send a message to the clueless managers at TVNZ that we are not as thick as they think we are.

  • Genuis

    Such a wasted opportunity. They need segments with comedic content that doesn’t feel forced and awkward. The stories need to evoke more emotion, like conflict and compassion. The tone is way off and so is the title. Call it “United Front” or something more meaningful and the viewers will return.

  • Looks like an early cancellation.

  • Mushrj

    I think the fact that yesterday was Waitangi has a lot to do with the ratings for Wednesday, most people would still be out and about enjoying the sunshine etc and not reallu bothering with TV. lets wait a month or two before writting it off. Not really a fan myself, it seems too silly and desperate to be cool, then they shoe horn in a serious story, which comes off as awkard and at odds with the rest of the show. Pick a direction and commit!!

  • There’s day-to-day variation, but on average Seven Sharp isn’t really rating any worse than Close Up did this time last year.

    I’m not surprised there was a drop after the first episode – that’s happened in the past with other heavily promoted shows. Audiences tune in to see what the fuss is all about, but not everyone likes what they see. I suspect Seven Sharp is aiming for a particular type of demographic, rather than just anyone with a telly, so they are probably ok with some loss.

    It will be interesting to see what Seven Sharp’s ratings are like once summer is over and people are more inclined to stay in.

  • Genuis

    I predict the ratings will keep falling and the cancellation is announced soon. What TVNZ should do then is pay Paul Henry a ridiculous salary to convince him to join opposite Ali Mau. Get rid of the other two and do it in front of a live studio audience. What’s more, record the show a few hours before it airs and then edit it to keep it interesting throughout, with real comedic moments – not fake ones. Have weekly segments with stings, with producers and directors who can get decent guests from politicians to musicians.

    I read Paul Henry was taking a few months off for holidaying, but he had decided to remain at Mediaworks but this seems surprising, as TV3 haven’t really used him well enough, have they? He was the host of a low-rated late-night comedy and that’s it. So it shouldn’t be out of the question for him to switch over into a more useful, successful role. Paul needs freedom to be himself, and whatever controversy there might be will translate into high ratings and a show people will actually want to watch.