Graph: Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live ratings

Last night saw Campbell Live pick up its second highest average audience for 2013 with 320,950 viewers, down from its historic win over TV One on the previous night with 346,850.  Seven Sharp continued its erratic swing, bouncing back up 59,200 to 349,910.


Campbell Live managed to retain 99% of its lead in from 3 News while Seven Sharp continued to bleed audience, losing 42% of One News.

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  • MarkSReynolds

    I’d be interested to know the trend in that 42%; do you have it over 12 months (i.e. including what it was with CloseUp)?

  • Marty

    Kiwis don’t want trash like the fluff served on Australian TV such as A Current Affair and Today Tonight! I used to love TVNZs news output. It was quality but this is ridiculous. Switch to Campell Live New Zealand. You owe it to yourself!