Graph: Three weeks of ratings data - Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live

TVNZ have always maintained that any verdict on Seven Sharp should be reserved until there is at least a month of ratings data.  With every data point, the picture becomes clearer and as time goes on, things don’t appear to be as bad for TV One as they could have been.

Campbell Live ended the week on another new low with an average audience of 203,910 viewers.  It has been a roller coast ride for TV3 with their 7pm ratings up and down all week.

Seven Sharp finished the week slightly above the week’s average on 324,130.

The average audience for each of the first three week’s has gone from 378,418 for Seven Sharp down to 326,872 in the second week and then slightly lower to 323,364 last week.

Here are how the numbers look after three weeks on air:


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  • John McCready

    The graph trends are not good for Seven Sharp and more importantly the loss of viewers from ONE NEWS are far greater than CLOSE UP experienced. TVNZ CEO Kevin Kendrick says we viewers don’t want in depth longer stories in our 7pm current affairs shows: however the high numbers for SUNDAY would indicate he is incorrect.

  • bobscoffee

    i want to know who tells Kevin Kendrick what viewers actually want, because he seems to have it all wrong so far