Home and Away actor lands big role in US pilot

luke_mitchellHome and Away actor Luke Mitchell has been cast in a new US pilot called Tomorrow People.

The actor, who has played Romeo Smith on the Aussie soap since 2009, joined the project at The CW network to play a character called John Young.

Tomorrow People is a remake of the British sci-fi series from the 1970s. It focusses on several young people who represent the next stage of human evolution in that they possess the ability to teleport and communicate with one another telepathically.

Mitchell’s character is described as “dark and handsome and cool under pressure. His specialty is teleportation and he’s instrumental in recruiting other gifted people to the group”.

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About the author

  • I have all eight boxed sets of the original series on DVD and it’s interesting to note that the character Luke is going to play is a play on original series actor Nicholas Young and the character he portrayed.

  • Rachel c

    Hmm, does that mean he’s leaving HAA? Hope they don’t break up him and Indi (again) to write it in!

    • Bacteria

      He’s already finished filming his final scenes, as has Axle Whitehead (Liam).