How would you do answering these Friends questions?

mikes-mastermindThis morning I was briefly on Newstalk ZB to ask the question for today’s Mike’s Mastermind contestant who, if they got it right, would win $2,000 cash.

See how you’d get on with these warm up questions and then the actual question at number 4.

1. Who is Ross’ TV Guide addressed to?

2. Phoebe changes her name, what to?

3. Which band sings the show’s theme tune?

4. Which supermodel had a cameo as Joey’s room mate?

Answers after the jump.

1. Miss Chanandelor Bong

2. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

3. The Rembrants

4. Elle MacPherson

The contestant got question 2 right and was pretty quick in answering #4 and taking home the cash.

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  • Harrison

    *show’s theme tune

  • Harrison

    Wish I had been asked for $2000, I know all the answers!

  • Reece

    Just a small note, Question 1 given to the contestant should be Chandler not Ross.