Introducing Throng Tech - Samsung Galaxy Note II pt1

samsung-galaxy-note-2-xlThis is the first in a series about the new Samsung Galaxy Note II.  The media landscape is changing and mobile devices are becoming more and more involved in our consumption of media.  Here are the initial thoughts from Throng ‘s bexj

What a huge phone! Physically it is quite large in the hand and somewhat tough to swing around but that makes it great for viewing video content.  I am going to make the assumption that these are designed with women and handbags in mind, as there is no way they would fit in a back pocket!  I’m still um-ing and ahh-ing about the best way to protect it from everything else in my handbag.  There are so many options out there and I personally love the idea of a wallet case so I can have my phone and wallet together so am looking at purchasing one of these soon.

This is my first smartphone – gone are the days of the old phone with an endless list of contacts and fiddly buttons.   And the features that I’ve seen so far of this Galaxy Note are pretty neat! The touch screen takes a bit of time to get used to – I will definitely need to do my nails, but luckily the Note 2 has a stylus pen attached for those moments when you desperately need accuracy.  In fact I am really enjoying the stylus pen – it’s easy to slot in and out of the phone and I’m pretty impressed with its precision.

To get my phone started was simple which I was pleased about as I would definitely not say I’m a natural when it comes to figuring out new technology.  However both Samsung and Telecom made everything simple.  On top of that, luckily my husband knows the Android system as he has a smartphone, so it wasn’t too difficult to get started with a few pointers from him. If you are nervous about it though, I definitely recommend finding a YouTube video that shows you around the new phone system.

So now I have a flash phone / tablet – so what about my contacts?  I guess this has been the only slightly frustrating thing I have found with my new phone.  I know if you get a new phone you have to input your contacts, but with this it inputs my Facebook contacts, my Gmail contacts, and my Samsung contacts into the directory. This sounded okay when it asked for permission to do so, but once it had occurred I realised I have a lot of people in those contact lists that I don’t need to connect with over a phone.  Every single person I had sent an email to was now in my phone!

The best trick I’ve seen is to add all of my phone numbers and contact details to Gmail Contacts. This way I can make groups of contacts, add home phone numbers, mobiles, emails, and all other information, and have it all available on my phone as well as any other devices. Which ultimately is a win win!  It just means I need to fiddle around and get those groups organised first.

So first impressions?  It’s big, easy to set up with helpful prompts, has an awesome stylus which has come in handy heaps already, and now just requires me to get organised with my contacts list!

This post has been enabled by Telecom NZ, but the thoughts are the blogger’s own. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note II

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