Last minute tips for the X Factor NZ judges?


Ronan Keating paid the X Factor NZ judges a visit today as the first filmed auditions kicked off in Auckland this week.


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  • Good luck getting viewers.

    • Mat

      New Zealand’s Got Talent didn’t seem to have any problems. I imagine a show devoted to singing and minus the juggling clowns would have an even better shot.

      • Look, here’s my point. The difference between New Zealand’s Got Talent and The X Factor, is that NZGT’s prize is just money. The X Factor’s prize is a recording contract. And although a recording contract sounds nice, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

        • I thought so too… however, Sony assured me when the show was announced that it would be different this time:

          • I understand, but why have an international show finding a “star” when we know what happened last time with NZ Idol?

          • Although, with better judges, maybe we’ll get it right this time round.

          • Natalie

            Does it really matter that much whether you find a viable superstar or not?. Obviously none of the NZ Idol winners or any of the finalists had anything resembling a musical career, but the show was watched by a lot of people and people were really excited by it, so I wouldn’t say it was a total failure. If you get a good mix of personalities, then it should provide people with entertainment and then it’s up to the winner and their management as to how far they can take their career.

          • “Good personalities”? Okay, let’s see. Jason Gunn, Stan Walker, Bic Runga, Craig Parker, Mike King, Simon Barnett, Tamati Coffey, Robyn Melcom. There. My list of “Good Personalities”.

        • Mat

          Fair call.

          I think alot of it will be up to the NZ voting public too. I know having a story is a big part of these kinds of shows, but I think the tendency in this country is to go for the quiet humble church singing brown face. And sometimes that works, but all too often it just isn’t marketable on a wider national and international level. Someone like Evan from NZGT would have been a perfect contestant in the X Factor. Having a mentor like Daniel Beddingfield mentor him would have done him wonders. That’s the kind of music which is really dominating alot of the international music scene.

          But Dave, yes, I do take your point , Im hoping we will be get surprisingly good production , akin to Top Model.

      • bobscoffee

        Don’t know about that. Some people watch FOR the juggling clowns.

  • I’m looking forward to X Factor NZ…..can’t be too far away now 🙂

  • Natasha Bedingfield tweeted on Twitter that she is heading for New Zealand today so um…I guess Natasha will be helping out Daniel with the bootcamp 🙂