Let's not talk about the ratings slump for Campbell Live last night

I don’t expect the media to get too excited about last night’s ratings as they’re too busy excitedly predicting the demise of Seven Sharp. Let’s look at the numbers though.

Campbell Live dropped almost a third of its audience last night on Tuesday, delivering TV3 their lowest ratings since TV One launched Seven Sharp.  The 31% fall isn’t too distant from Seven Sharp‘s biggest daily drop of 35%.

Looking at the current graphic, you could come to the conclusion that viewers were switching from Seven Sharp to Campbell Live after the first week but since then, Campbell Live doesn’t appear to have managed to maintain the audience.  


Seven Sharp again lost more than 50% of the One News lead in while Campbell Live has also had trouble maintaining the TV3 audience this week, losing 27% on average so far this week.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
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  • Actually Campbell Live was VERY good last night too….STUPID people 🙁

  • anon

    It’s time for a new song Regan. Not only is a day by day audience analysis boring as batshit, but it’s not actually helpful or insightful. You need at least a month of data to draw any meaningful conclusions.

    • Amen. Clearly there’s nothing better to talk about sadly. If you really wanted to give the timeslot a working over, find out whether The Crowd Goes Wild on Prime has increased or decreased audience numbers since moving to 7pm

    • Really? Next you’ll be telling me that the broadcasters don’t look at the daily numbers either.

      • anon

        Sure at a passing glance but broadcasters have analytical specialists within their organisations, and considerably more data, on which to draw conclusions that are somewhat more insightful than “ooh it’s up …. ooh it’s down”.

        • please… it’s a little more than “ooh it’s up …. ooh it’s down”.

          As I see it, you have two options. Not read or contribute something useful.

          • Bacteria

            …or justifiably criticise your trend pattern, which hopefully will result in more succinct, consolidated opinion-based fact.

          • opinion-based fact?

  • Marcus

    I think the key to these figures was the fact that John cambell was not there yesterday … Did no one else watch it .. I thought that was obvious

  • Marcus

    The best analysis is probably to do with which show covered the cat story best … As they both did the story in quite different manners… I thought that was quite telling…

  • Hmmmmm! This is weird. I’m not sure what to think.