New first for TVNZ ondemand

ipad.140208-1I was wondering when this announcement would be coming this morning.  Someone’s ears must have been burning.  The next question is, how far away is something for Android?

TVNZ have told us that they’re currently working with Samsung and are hoping to have something available in the next couple of months.

Now Kiwis can watch their favourite TV shows on their terms as TVNZ announces a video on demand app for iPad and iPhone, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Whether it’s at the beach, on the bus, or the mall, the app is quick and easy to use and with a few clicks, New Zealanders can watch the hottest new shows of 2013 including Revenge, Shortland Street, Masterchef, Once Upon A Time and many more – whenever and wherever they are.

Tom Cotter, General Manager of Digital Media says “TVNZ is committed to ensuring New Zealanders have the choice to access their favourite shows on whichever screen they want, when they want.

“The launch of the TVNZ Ondemand app on iPhones and iPads is only the beginning. We are working with Samsung to develop an app for their Galaxy range which will give Kiwis more ways to watch the shows they love when they choose.”

The extension of TVNZ Ondemand to mobile screens is a natural progression for the broadcaster. It is estimated 46 per cent of New Zealanders have a smartphone while 10 per cent of the nation owns a tablet*.

• The popularity of TVNZ Ondemand continues to go from strength to strength with video streams up a massive 41 per cent year-on-year in 2012**.

• In 2012 the most watched programme on TVNZ Ondemand was home-grown soap Shortland Street achieving more than 4.9 million streams, followed by Coronation Street (1.1 million streams), New Zealand’s Got Talent (881,027 streams) and Revenge (651,485 streams).

The new TVNZ Ondemand app for iPad and iPhone adds to the many ways Kiwis can already access TVNZ Ondemand. The service is also available on PC and Mac desktop computers, Sony PlayStation 3 and most recently, the Samsung Smart TV.

For iPhone:
TVNZ Ondemand - Television New Zealand Ltd

For iPad:
TVNZ Ondemand for iPad - Television New Zealand Ltd
*Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 2012 (AP10+)
**Source: Nielsen Netratings (AP5+)

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  • thegreatlament

    Multi, multi millions and still a complete lack of digital strategy.

    – Still no platform agnostic HTML5 support.

    – Then there’s this ‘We are working with Samsung to develop an app for their Galaxy range’. So essentially, an Android app for a single product sku that will cut off some of the largest players HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, LG, the list goes on.

    Granted, nothing could be as bigger train wreck as Jason Paris’ TiVo acquisition, but this is still terrible.

    Contrast ChoiceTV, it’s tiny, I suspect has next to no money for digital yet its content has been available for Streaming on all iOS, Android, and HTML5 devices from the start.

    I never imagined I would think this, but perhaps it is time to remove the last of TVNZ funding through NZOnAir, sell it off and commission MTS to create a small PBS network similar to the ABC in aus. That way we can stop flogging this dead horse, let the private/ hedge fund sector come in and strip it for parts like over at Mediaworks. 🙁

    • Mukura

      Too right mate. Oh well guess I’ll just have to spend my viewing time with youtube watching well made bbc docos… 😉

  • jon

    does isky have a ipad app yet? that’s what i really want

  • Daniel

    It’s a great app. About time.

  • bobscoffee

    TVNZ don’t seem very committed to Android.

  • Overdue, but been expecting this for awhile.