Prime give their logo a bit of a refresh

Having regularly worked with Prime over the years, I can completely understand why they’ve given their logo a bit of a refresh.

Previously, the logo was different depending on where it was being placed.  If it was at the top of the page, then the logo would hang down with Prime sitting at the bottom of the logo like this:

Prime Logo Black-1

If the logo was at the bottom of the page then “Prime” would be a the top like this:

Prime Logo Black top

You can imagine how confusing that could get and when branding is so important, it looks like those hassles have been cast aside for something more consistent.

Here is how it looks now:



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  • Reece

    OMG its like looking at a new logo!!!!!

  • thelament

    So.. they’ve downsized the black box… and if they get rid of it altogether they’ll be back to their logo of the 90s..


    Huge missed opportunity.

    • I disagree. Subtle changes to logos are far better than an entirely new rebranding. No point in burning all that brand capital unless you need to.

  • Do we get an upgrade to HD to go with that new logo? Thought not.. *sigh*

  • Drew Horan

    Can they use this logo for Prime News with their own graphics and not use the Sky News graphics and would their reporters say PRIME NEWS not Sky News at the end of their reports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reece

      I assume that its easier and cheaper just to use Sky News graphics since they produce the bulletin anyway. I assume Prime contracts out its news to Sky News or some sort of arrangement like that.

  • Wow much, much better!