Ratings: More bad news for Seven Sharp

seven-sharp-logoI was expecting Seven Sharp to get a bounce from the ratings since Wednesday was a public holiday but it appears I was wrong.

Last night’s episode of Seven Sharp dropped for its fourth straight night to 296,970.  To make matters worse, the number of people deserting the show from its lead in, One News, jumped up to 52%.

Seven Sharp has now lost 40% of the audience it had on debut.

There is some good news though. After shedding almost 20% of the previous nights audience for the second and third episode, the percentage of viewers switching off was only half as much for the fourth episode.

Campbell Live has remained consistent all week, even with Waitangi Day, and maintains an average audience of around 238,000 viewers.




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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • I’m surprised anyone watches Seven Sharp at all as Campbell Live is WAY better 🙂

  • It’s patronising to it’s target-audience and dismally trite, dumbed-down, air-headed to everyone else.

    Nobody bothered to turn out in the last election because of the abysmal MSM we have in this country. As a result, we’ve got an asset-stripper in charge, who rewrites our labour-laws to suit foreign corporations and sneaks through laws that attack our basic rights to privacy and communication etc.

    But hardly anyone knows about this, because the MSM… the 4th Estate without which democracy can’t function is…

    … shit.

    I wish I could tell them. I wish I could ask them. I wish I could put a camera in the faces of these people and force them, in public to answer to New Zealanders… why are you betraying us? Why do you let us down every chance you get?

    We have the highest freedom-of-press ranking in the world. Why don’t you do some fucking journalism, about something that actually fucking matters?

    Worthless cunts. The sooner the internet destroys them, the better.

  • I’ve picked up watching Shortland St after some years of abstinence. Seven Sharp is just that bad.

  • Virgil Iraia

    I’ve always watched that 7pm slot after One News during the week, even the days of Holmes and Close Up, as soon as I tuned into Seven Sharp, I didn’t warm to it. I have just decided to switch off at 7pm, I refuse to watch Campbell Live and I am not a Shorty fan. just got to wonder, what will happen if TVNZ cancels Seven Sharp, would they revert back to the Close Up format?? I just want things to go back to how it was, prior to the cancellation of Close Up

  • Pete George

    It would be good to compare with total viewing numbers, if that’s dropping by a similar amount it suggests people are finally learning to turn off if dished up with crap.

    Vote with your remote.

  • Hey Regan – I would be interested to know if/when the last time Close Up fell below 300k viewers was. I can’t recall seeing it in the time I’ve been following the ratings …

  • Andy

    Thank God for my Skybox, I don’t need to watch this shite

  • TVNZ know they’re in the shit, and it serves them right. Because they know full well that since 7 Sharp was announced that they would get a small audience. There was no two ways about it.

    They need to get rid of 7 Sharp, and make a more “edgier” program.

  • Genuis

    I predict the ratings will keep falling and the cancellation is announced
    soon. What TVNZ should do then is pay Paul Henry a ridiculous salary to
    convince him to join opposite Ali Mau. Get rid of the other two and do
    it in front of a live studio audience. What’s more, record the show a
    few hours before it airs and then edit it to keep it interesting
    throughout, with real comedic moments – not fake ones. Have weekly
    segments with stings, with producers and directors who can get decent
    guests from politicians to musicians.

    I read Paul Henry was taking a few months off for holidaying, but he
    had decided to remain at Mediaworks but this seems surprising, as TV3
    haven’t really used him well enough, have they? He was the host of a
    low-rated late-night comedy and that’s it. So it shouldn’t be out of the
    question for him to switch over into a more useful, successful role.
    Paul needs freedom to be himself, and whatever controversy there might
    be will translate into high ratings and a show people will actually want
    to watch.

    • Luke Byers

      It was reported in the Herald that Paul was offered the job, but he decided not to take it.

      Paul can be a drawcard, but he is also a big risk because of his big mouth.

  • Mike

    The only good thing about Seven Sharp is thanks to Google search for ratings, I have discovered your informative site. Can you tell us if there is any sign some SKY channels have increased ratings at 7pm – curious has the audience gone somewhere on SKY rather than just turn off TV and go online?. What a disaster. Time to sell TVNZ

    • Sell TVNZ? WOAH! That’s going too far. Maybe new staff, but defenitley

  • Krisda limpapath

    BBC World Service ( AM810 in Auckland ) , Face TV ( Auckland UHF and Sky TV) which screen plenty of international news coverage such as Al Jazeera, Australia Network, Euronews, PBS Newshour etc) BBC world news also screen on TV1 during overnight are much better news events. Prime news first at. 5:30 pm are the best New Zealand coverage of the day. We should have quality news coverage as australia and Great Britain.

    • Drew Horan

      Prime news has the least quality news coverage and dont have many reporters on the ground!!! I hope Seven Sharp is replaced by Close Up!!

      • Reece

        Agreed, Prime News is an inadequate news service. The rare times I do see it some of their footage is labelled with 3 News logos as they cant get their own.