Rights holders seriously need to get this nonsense sorted

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
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  • “Jerks” because they are adhering to their programme suppliers’ contracts? I get tired of the rude and ignorant on social media.

    • Those contracts, while somewhat understandable, are antiquated. The reasoning behind preventing distribution via AirPlay or HDMI is as silly as it once was for ondemand services themselves.

      • Mouse

        This is not TVNZ’s fault though. I’m with Brian… Typical knee-jerk social media response 🙁

        • I wouldn’t say it’s entirely TVNZ’s fault as there are at least two parties to these agreements. One can only hope that broadcasters like TVNZ continue to push for change as their error message suggests.

    • thelament

      I disagree Brian, TVNZ has the largest programming budget for FTA in New Zealand, that is a huge bargaining power. Negotiating for partial digital rights is a failed strategy and I would seriously doubt there are any distributors that would walk away from TVNZ over Airplay rights, I’ve certainly never encountered this.

      Also, should the situation arise where you absolutely can’t get full rights, Airplay and HDMI out can be blocked on a case by case basis (it’s just another tag in the CMS). TVNZ’s choice to block it outright is simply handicapping their own product.

  • GRRRR I was going to mainly use airplay! #annoyed