TV3 exhumes Media3, reburies in different plot with slightly better view

Media3TV3 has decided to move the repurposed Media7, now Media3, to a new timeslot.  Instead of airing at the ever popular 10:30am on Saturdays, Media3 will now screen at 11:20pm on Wednesdays, right after Nightline.

Media3 received $491,324 in funding from NZ On Air and drew an average first run audience of approximately 15,000 consolidated viewers per episode.  If the new time slot delivers a similar audience as it does currently then the average audience for Media3 could more than triple.


Media 3 season one first run average audience

Media3 is back for 2013 with a new Wednesday night timeslot, launching February 20 at 11pm on TV3, repeated on Saturdays at 10.30am.

Hosted by Russell Brown and produced by Phil Wallington, Media3 is a lively, intelligent discussion about media matters with the people who produce media in New Zealand – and the people who find themselves the subject of media stories.

Russell Brown says today’s media landscape means the show couldn’t be more relevant.

“This is a year of change for both TV current affairs and the news media in general,” he says.  “It seems inevitable, for example, that both the major newspaper chains will move to a ‘paywall’ model for access – indeed, Herald editor Shayne Currie first confirmed that plan on Media3 in 2012.

“It’s also the year that analogue TV broadcasts end – and I think there are some serious questions to be answered around government policy there. There is plenty for us to get out teeth into.”

“The new timeslot, adjacent to the news, is a vindication of what we’ve been doing. It puts us in the midst of the media week – and being on at night will also give us some more flexibility around the content of the show. Things might get lively!”

Media3 is also supported by NZ On Air.

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  • We are really happy with the new slot. Season one repeated late night Sundays on 3 in various times due to the earlier programming often doubling our firstrun numbers. Check out Russell’s blog on the Media3 facebook page