TV3 press release puts boot into TVNZ after historic ratings win

This is almost worthy of its own half hour comedy sketch on Friday night.

More New Zealanders watched TV3’s flagship current affairs programme Campbell Live last night than rival Seven Sharp, the first time in the history of Campbell Live that the TV3 show has beaten TV One in the 5+ demographic.*

On Tuesday 12 February, Campbell Live was watched by an average audience of 352,600 viewers, 55,900 more than the 296,700 that tuned into Seven Sharp.

It was also the first time TV3 has ever attracted more 5+ viewers than TV One in the 7pm weeknight timeslot

Campbell Live also increased its lead over Seven Sharp in the key commercial demographics, with 127,600 25-54 year-olds tuning in (compared with the 99,100 watching Seven Sharp) and 90,600 18-49 year-olds (compared with 78,400).

Director of News and Current Affairs Mark Jennings says Campbell Live has led the news agenda so far in 2013, and deserved to be watched by a broad audience.

And after making such a monumental achievement, the publicity team turns the Seven Sharp mantra back on TVNZ with the following gold.

“For us, in-depth daily coverage of the stories and issues that matter to Kiwis is central to the future of current affairs,” he says.  “Viewers are clearly telling us this is what they want; substance and not once over lightly.”

TV3 have regularly complained that we use the 5+ ratings over their target demo data so it’s nice to see they’ve joined the party.

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  • Things are just getting worse for TVNZ. They seriously need to re-think.

  • Reece

    Good for John Campbell and his team although they probably deserved these ratings earlier than this compared to what Close Up was churning out at the time.

    TV3 obviously seem happy to use 5+ numbers when it goes their way but disregard them when they don’t.

  • peterk.

    Finally, the rest of New Zealand is waking up and realising what a damn fine Channel TV 3 are. Love it, keep up the good work.

  • Anon

    5+ numbers are meaningless drivel – TVNZ touts them because almost 40% of ONE’s audience is aged over 65 (relative to 24% in the population). If they used their own channel demographic numbers you’d see just how often they’re trounced by Campbell. And the way their loyal viewers are flooding away, you might see a change in reporting demo very soon.

    • They’re only meaningless if you’re trying to convince a specific type of person to buy something.

  • Over the last few years I’ve watched the TV3 news and current affairs department overtake and totally leave behind the ever-dumber offerings on TVNZ. I now watch them in much greater preference and I implore them to maintain the standard.

    • bill_T

      I can’t say I agree – 3 often have more non-news worthy stories in their bulletins – a story about a fly landing on Obama’s head is NOT news.

      • Raylene

        TV1 also covered this story on the same night. I watched both bulletins.

        • bill_T

          So did I, it was not on 1 – it was the same night that there was breaking news that the searchers found the helicopter remains on antarctica (which one’s news actually reported on, whereas 3 simply ran a ticker over their pre-prepared story)

  • Genuis

    Of course they’re gonna join the party if they’re WINNING – that’s a given. But why don’t you include 18-49 or 25-54 ratings? These are the figures that more often than not dictate advertising revenue and chances of renewal. Even though 5+ dominance is an impressive feat, it doesn’t emphasise the relevant business model enough.

    • Drew Horan

      I agree!!! Throng should also include the ratings for the 25-54 and 18-49 demos along with the 5plus figures for the daily ratings it publishes!!! Is their a particular reason as to why Throng does not do this??? ie Cost????