Choice TV Screening DOOL

When Choice TV announced it was bringing back Days Of Our Lives many would have been pleased with this as it had been 3 years since TVNZ removed it and The Young & The Restless from our screens.

We were also promised, and this was mentioned on Throng and in TV Guide, that episodes were going to be 6 months behind America.

However, it emerged from the end credits of yesterday’s first episode back that we are viewing episodes from 2011, and not 6 months ago.

To further add to this I asked Choice TV, via Twitter, why they said 6 months behind America and they replied back that they meant to say 6 months behind Australia.

In checking the soap recaps at it seems that we are 18 months behind America’s screening

So would Choice TV like to explain why the public and myself have been told two different periods in time when the reality is that we are watching episodes that aired in America 18 months ago.

And just out of curiosity I’ve checked Nine’s website and they today aired episode no. 11709, that originally aired in America on November 4, 2011.

(Update: 7:05pm, 12/3/2013 – After talking with Choice TV on Twitter it is now my belief that in TV Guide and on Throng the mention of America may have been incorrect and that they meant to say Australia instead, which is only some 2 months ahead of NZ but is still airing material originally broadcast in America in 2011).

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