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JohnStamosStamos joins Necessary Roughness

John Stamos has joined the cast of Necessary Roughness for its third season. The former ER and Glee actor will appear in a season-long arc as a character named Connor McClane.

Southland to end?

Southland’s Regina King has said the show is at risk of being cancelled at the end of its fifth season. “Of course we want it to come back,” she said. “But there are just certain things that [make us think], ‘Are we?’ No-one’s told us that we weren’t [getting a sixth season], but there are enough things that haven’t happened to [make us] question, ‘Are we?'”

Fundraising for Veronica Mars movie

A Veronica Mars movie is a possibility following a Kickstarter campaign that is raising money to fund the big screen project. If $2 million is raised, the project will go ahead.

Spader cast in new legal pilot

Boston Legal and The Office actor James Spader has been cast in a new pilot called The Blacklist. Spader will play a former Army intelligence officer in the legal drama.

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