Raheel Kerr leaves MasterChef and seems happy to be doing so

RaheelkerrAfter becoming public enemy no.1 among her fellow contestants by saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be in the competition, Raheel Kerr got the boot on last night’s MasterChef New Zealand.

Raheel Kerr became the third contestant from the Top 16 to leave MasterChef New Zealand on Sunday 10th March (7.30 pm – 8.30 pm) on TV ONE.

In tonight’s show the Top 14 contestants were given 90 minutes to take a whole Pekin duck, cut it up and prepare their best duck meal using ingredients from a Mystery Box.

Aaron Brunet, Jennis Hayes, Vanessa Baxter and Ella Krauts made their duck dishes fly and were rewarded with an eleven course meal at the Chef’s Table at Euro Bar and Restaurant.

Raheel Kerr was appalled at the thought of having to handle a dead duck, let alone chop it.

“I was truly horrified,” she said. “I can’t stand that stuff. I just wanted to throw up!”

For the vegetarian, the challenge unfolded like her own personal horror movie.

And the judges were quick to notice.

“Raheel seems a bit squeamish about the whole duck thing,” commented Josh Emett.

“She’s not that confident at all.”

Presenting her dish of twice cooked duck with ginger, five spice, peas, rice and chilli for tasting, she admitted she had had a bad day.

Sizing up the dish, Simon Gault agreed.

“I am always looking for good in a dish, I always want to find some good in a dish, and the good in this for me is that it’s kind of like yesterday’s fried rice … and it wasn’t that great, and you’ve heated it up,” he told her.

“Wow,” was all a stunned Raheel could say.

In the bottom three alongside David Jamieson and Kris Williams, Raheel was convinced she was going home.

But the judges hadn’t finished just yet.

Instead of the day’s worst cook being eliminated on the spot, the Bottom Three were told to prepare for an extra elimination challenge, in which they had 30 minutes to perform three classic cooking tasks: to grill a salmon fillet, make pesto and French-trim a lamb rack.

It was the final straw for shell-shocked Raheel.

“Do you want to be in this competition?” Simon Gault demanded.

Raheel admitted she wasn’t sure.

“I think there are more deserving people,” she said.

So despite doing well in the extra elimination challenge, Raheel was relieved when the judges told her to pack her bags and go home.

“I think the right person is going home, and today that person is me, ” she said.

“There are people here who are more deserving than me. Good luck to them!”

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