Bad, good, better and not so good news for 7pm current affairs

We now have two complete months of ratings data since Seven Sharp debuted as the new opponent to Campbell Live and the results are good and bad:


The bad news: TV ONE down 19% on 2012

In 2013, Seven Sharp‘s average audience was 352,306 viewers.  For the same period in 2012, Close Up drew an average audience per episode of 418,681 viewers for TV One.  In other words, Seven Sharp was down 19%.

Don’t lay all the blame on Seven Sharp for the decrease.  For the same period in 2012, Close Up was down 18% on 2011.

It is obvious that TVNZ have a real problem retaining that 7pm audience.

The good news: Campbell Live up 7% and Seven Sharp up 2% on previous month 

7pm current affairs audience numbers are on the rise.  The second month saw Campbell Live‘s average audience go up by 7% and Seven Sharp‘s average audience go up by 2%.

Of course, there are more people watching TV in general as the days get shorter.

The better news: Campbell Live up 22% on 2012

Campbell Live‘s average audience is up a significant 22% on the same time period last year.  For the same period in 2012, Campbell Live increased their 2011 audience by 5%.

The average audience per episode has gone from 214,665 in 2011, to 225,842 in 2012 and the 290,061 in 2013.

The not-so-good news: less watching current affairs at 7pm in general

For this time period in 2013, the average audience watching current affairs at 7pm was 642,366. For the same period in 2012 and 2011, the figures were 644,523 and 709,655 respectively.

Each year less people have been watching current affairs at 7pm.

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  • So, where to from here for TVNZ? I guess is the question.

  • I suspect more people are getting tech savvy finding news updates during the day via news feeds/twitter etc, or they could be watching more hospital drama?

  • Mike

    To be fair, only 290,061 on average are actually watching current affairs at 7pm now.

  • Daniel

    A very good reason to drop kick this turkey out to the Moon.