Breaking Bad, Justified and Masters of Sex coming to SoHo

Breaking Bad1Kiwi fans of Breaking Bad will soon be able to view the sixth and final season of the series in the same week as it premieres in the US thanks to a new SoHo deal with Sony Television.

Breaking Bad and Justified are among a range of shows that will begin airing on Sky’s premium content channel after a content package deal was struck with Sony.

SoHo, SKY’s premium entertainment channel, will premiere the highly anticipated dramas Masters of Sex and Hatfields & McCoys following the conclusion of a content package deal with Sony Television.

SKY’s director of programming, Travis Dunbar, says the deal also includes critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad, Justified and Damages and he’s delighted to have secured this quality content to add further value for SoHo subscribers.
“SoHo subscribers already enjoy some of the best cutting edge drama from across the planet and we are thrilled to add Masters of Sex and Hatfields & McCoys to our schedule,” he said

“It is also exciting to be able to ensure fans can continue to watch premiere episodes of dramas Breaking Bad and Justified,”

SoHo will screen Breaking Bad season five from next month and run straight into the sixth and final season the same week it broadcasts in the US. SoHo will re-launch Justified from the beginning and continue until New Zealanders are up to date.

“As a genuine lover of quality drama it was hugely disappointing that both these series had not screened in their entirety in this country so it’s very satisfying to give fans the chance to catch up with their favourite characters once more, as well as introducing these series to a new audience. We are committed to air all series in their entirety, un-cut and uninterrupted in a prime time slot,” said Mr Dunbar.

“These TV shows and mini-series exemplify Sony Picture Television’s unique brand of storytelling, filled with engaging and addictive drama that draw you in and compelling characters that keep you coming back for more,” said Mark Young, senior vice president, Distribution & Sales, Australia & New Zealand, Sony Pictures Television. “We are pleased to extend our relationship with SKY to bring SoHo viewers this exciting content.”

Masters Of Sex stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, who portray the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of the couple whose research started the sexual revolution and took them from a mid-western teaching hospital in St. Louis to the cover of Time magazine and nearly a dozen appearances on Johnny Carson’s couch.

The three-part mini-series Hatfields & McCoys is the true story of a legendary family feud that spanned decades and nearly launched a war between Kentucky and West Virginia. With an all-star cast led by Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, it chronicles a clash of clans that inspired passion, vengeance, courage, sacrifice, crimes and accusations, while forever transforming the two families and the region they lived in.

Breaking Bad, a multi-award winning series created by Vince Gilligan, is the story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime to ensure his family’s financial security when diagnosed with inoperable cancer. With award-winning performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, it follows protagonist Walter White’s transformation from mild family man to kingpin of the drug trade.

Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a character created by novelist Elmore Leonard, who is reassigned from Miami to his Kentucky hometown following a controversial but ‘justified’ shooting of a mob hit-man.

Legal thriller Damages revolves around major cases taken on by law firm Hewes & Associates with award-winning performances by Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. Damages is renowned for its plot twists, season-long storylines and star studded casts.

Hatfields & McCoys, Wednesdays 8.30pm on SoHo from May 15.
Breaking Bad season five, Tuesdays 8.30pm on SoHo from May 21.
Schedule information for other titles will be released in due course.

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  • aaronimpact

    Does this mean that Breaking Bad wont be screened on Four anymore? Or can Four still screen it?

  • Sharing Is Caring

    SoHo would be unlikely to accept an offer by Sony Television that doesn’t retain exclusivity. Having said that, Sony Television should really find another platform (kickstart TV shows being offered by iTunes or other online companies) so that subscribers only pay for content that they’re actually gonna watch. Until it becomes reasonable, I will continue to use third-party unlicensed vendors.

  • Drew Horan

    Why doesn’t TVNZ or MediaWorks launch a Quality drama channel on Freeview for all its top quality drama that it buries in graveyard slots or even better offer them ondemand within hours of their US broadcasts!!