Four Doctor Who actors in town this month

doctorwho50thKiwi Doctor Who fans will get the chance to meet a few of the past Time Lords at the Armageddon Expo on April 13.

The fifth (Peter Davison), sixth (Colin Baker), seventh (Sylvester McCoy) and eighth (Paul McGann) Doctors will be in town and will appear on stage in NZ for the first time together.

Taking a short detour from saving civilisation, pushing back the dark forces and helping ordinary people in trouble, The Doctors trip to Auckland is very fitting as New Zealand was the first country in the world to begin showing the BBC Doctor Who series after it premiered in the UK in 1963.

Transmission started here in September 1964, beating Canada and Australia by several months and there has been an enthusiastic Kiwi fan base ever since.

The combined powers of four brains, eight hearts and sharing knowledge using telepathy will ensure the Doctors have a hypnotic effect on their audience.

The fifth Doctor Who, Peter Davison, was much younger than any of his predecessors when he joined the series in 1982 at the age of 29. His first full story began transmission in the UK on January 1982 and his final appearance screened in March 1984.

Colin Baker was cast as the sixth Doctor in late 1983. During his term he gained many admirers for his loud, opinionated and brash interpretation of the character. Baker went on to play The Doctor on stage in 1989. He has also appeared in audio adventures and continues as a regular and popular guest at Doctor Who conventions.

Scottish-born Sylvester McCoy returns to New Zealand as the seventh Doctor. Starting in 1987, McCoy’s initial portrayal drew on his background in comedy but evolved into a much darker and more manipulative figure. He was most recently in New Zealand to play the role of wizard Radegast the Brown in The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey.

In 1996 Paul McGann became the eighth incarnation of the Doctor in the Doctor Who television movie. Although McGann only featured on film as The Doctor once, he went on to feature in audio plays and also appeared on the cover of the BBC’s Doctor Who novels.

There will also be a special guest appearance from Nicholas Briggs, who voiced the Doctor’s greatest enemy; the Daleks. He also voiced the Cybermen.

Davison, Baker, McCoy and McGann will be on hand for photographs and will appear on stage together and individually, providing the opportunity for fans to hear answers to the questions they’ve had for years.

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