Remember when Seven Sharp lost 40% of their viewers? Now it's Campbell Live's turn

Campbell Live began last week with one of its highest rating episodes in recent years, topping the figures set the week before and clocking up its fourth win over TV One and Seven Sharp.  It was all downhill from there.

When Seven Sharp first hit our screens, critics panned the show and lambasted the fact that it had lost approximately 200,000 viewers in its first week, a 40% drop.  Last week’s fall by Campbell Live saw the show’s ratings drop from its high of 374,090 down to an average audience of 218,930 viewers, a fall of 155,160 and a 41% loss of audience.  Friday’s episode was also one of the lowest rating of the year.

Compared to the 12% gain Campbell Live enjoyed the week before, it was a 13% loss this time around taking the average audience per episode back to 302,442.

Seven Sharp also has a 5% drop in viewers, down to an average audience of 380,192 viewers per episode.

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The interesting thing about the Friday drop is that it may be attributed to those workers who took an extended weekend after the public holiday on Thursday.  You will recall that there was also a public holiday in the middle of the week of Seven Sharp’s launch as well.

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  • bobscoffee

    Why is there so much focus on Seven Sharp ratings?

    • Sam

      It’s not a focus on Seven Sharp, its a focus on the battle between two competing current affairs shows. And it’s a very interesting one at that.

      • K

        agreed @a2d2273b285c18ea3068f503ab14d355:disqus

        thx Regan