The most complained-about TV ads in 2012

This Libra TV ad for tampons proved to be the most-complained about ad in NZ last year.

The Advertising Standards Authority’s annual report listed the ads that proved to be the most worrisome for some New Zealanders and Libra’s offering topped the list.

The ad, which received 53 complaints, features a drag queen engaged in a preening competition with another woman that was won by the latter by taking a tampon out of her bag.

A Kiwibank TV ad was the second most complained-about, while a “Jesus Heals Cancer” billboard was third.

Other TV ads to feature in the list included one for Carefree Acti-fresh Panty Liners that contained the line “You know even that bit of discharge in between our period is our body working to keep the vagina healthy.”

A supposedly violent Quickflix TV ad with was the sixth most complained about while the seventh was for Durex.

Toyota’s ad featuring a cat determined to injure itself so it could ride to the vet in its owner’s new car received 15 complaints from people who believed it would encourage animal cruelty.

The ninth and tenth places went to Hell Pizza and The NZ Transport Agency.

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