2013 French Open coverage on Sky Sport

skysport_logo_rebuild5_CMYKRafael Nadal will be back to defend his French Open title this weekend when the second tennis major of the year kicks off in Paris.

Sky Sport will provide live coverage of the event from 9pm on Sunday, May 26.

Here’s an overview of Sky’s 15-day coverage:

(All on Sky Sport 3)

Day 1: LIVE 26 May 9.00pm
Day 2: LIVE 27 May 9.00pm
Day 3: LIVE 28 May 9.00pm
Day 4: LIVE 29 May 9.00pm
Day 5: LIVE 30 May 9.00pm
Day 6: LIVE 31 May 9.00pm
Day 7: LIVE 1 June 9.00pm
Day 8: LIVE 2 June 9.00pm
Day 9: LIVE 3 June 9.00pm
Day 10: LIVE 5 June 12.00am
Day 11: LIVE 6 June 12.00am
Day 12: LIVE 6 June 10.00pm
Day 13: LIVE 7 June 11.00pm
Day 14: Women’s Singles Final/Men’s Doubles Final LIVE 9 June 1.00am
Day 15: Women’s Doubles Final LIVE 9 June 10.00pm
Day 15: Men’s Singles Final LIVE 10 June 1.00am

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