5 things you didn't see on The X Factor last night

  1. Someone in the crowd hassling Stan about knowing how much a vote cost.
  2. Cassie Henderson doing bunny hop leaps of joy when leaving the stage.
  3. Gap5 crying when Taye was eliminated.
  4. Guy Williams joke about why Mel Blatt is doing home renovations… because she needs “More House”.
  5. Stan Walker making a paper dart with a note to a fan saying “I love you” which he launched. Unfortunately it did a complete circle back to himself!

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  • Sophie

    Loving all of Throngs X Factor coverage : )

    • disqus_qzuSpY8TK3

      me too!

  • chevy

    I didnt miss the big DOM sign lol. seen it miles away

    • YAY!

      • Harrison

        What was Mel saying just after Dom said Taye was going home, and who was she talking to?

        What was Stan saying when he stood up?

        • Couldn’t hear over all the crowd noise sorry! A lot of really angry people in the audience!!

  • Harrison

    Former contestant ‘Madeline Bradley’ has made herself look rather stupid. After Monday’s elimination she posted a message saying “Daniel Bedingfeild’s comments and decisions on TheXFactorNZ are completely ridiculous.” I have several problems with this; firstly it’s Bedingfield, secondly if Daniel hadn’t chosen her for the retreat most people wouldn’t have taken a second look at her or follwoed her on Twitter/Facebook, and thirdly that is disrespectful for her fellow contestants (especially the girls). Someone then posted “I
    bet you are glad that you are not on there anymore. Coz he would be
    your mentor. And you dont want people like him telling you what and not
    what to do. Well I wouldnt anyway. Personally I think you can do it all
    on your own. You are only limited by your imagination.” to which she replied “My thoughts exactly.” Well maybe she should have found out more about the show before auditioning, or even tried out for NZ’s Got Talent! One of the main parts of The X factor is for contestants to have mentors, duh!