Campbell Live draws highest ratings ever

Last night, Campbell Live not only beat TV One’s Seven Sharp again, they delivered the biggest ratings the show has ever had.

Campbell Live had previously only broken the 400,000 viewer mark once, and that was on debut back in 2005.  That first episode drew an average audience of 415,200 viewers.

Last night, Campbell Live set their new record with an average audience of 430,460 viewers compared to Seven Sharp’s 393,330 – a difference of 37,130.

Only three episode of Seven Sharp have rated higher than Campbell Live’s new record.


TV3’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, described the result as an upward trend that showed viewers were choosing current affairs over the ‘non-current affairs’ on TV One.  He went on to add “Campbell Live is now the clear choice for viewers who want to stay informed on what’s happening in New Zealand, and the stories that really matter.”

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  • Awesome news and well deserved!

  • Rose

    Seven Sharp is Campbell Live for Dummies.

  • Chris

    Great result for Campbell Live. I’ve been watching the ratings since Seven Sharp debuted and, not being a TV industry person, I’m really amazed at the huge swings in ratings for these two shows. I would have thought people would have settled for their preferred show by now. Were the numbers for Close Up more consistent or did they jump around a lot too?

  • Seven Sharp will last one season I bet.

  • bobscoffee

    Have TVNZ sent out a press release boasting Seven Sharp’s ratings since it started?

  • Drew Horan

    Im so proud of Campbell Live and hope this sends a clear message to TVNZ that Seven Sharp has to go!!

  • Daniel

    The 7 Sharp presenters should start to pack their bags …