After last week’s episode, I made my own picks as to who I thought should make it through to the Top 12 of The X Factor New Zealand based on what we’d seen so far.  Now that we’ve heard the acts all perform one last time, my opinion hasn’t really changed.

The biggest issue is that the producers have decided that Jackie Thomas should actually be in the show rendering the last week of campaigning on Facebook rather redundant.

Apparently Jackie has Daniel on speed dial.  However, 021 750 592 isn’t his number, despite what the editors would like us to believe.  I wonder how many people tried ringing that number tonight?


It must have sucked for all the groups, finding out that everyone else got to travel overseas or to Queenstown. I guess the plus side was that SClub7’s Rachel Stevens was the guest mentor and had flown in from London to give Mel Blatt some additional experienced group advice.  I’m still not convinced that a girl group is actually a band though, is it?

The Groups

Overall, everyone’s performances were pretty average tonight.  As far as a big final chance to impress went, nearly everyone was a letdown.

Of the groups, the popular Moorhouse were decidedly boring.  Good looks, they have but they seem to be lacking spark.

Voltech would be better as a duo if you could identify which of them is screeching out flat notes.

Our three young rejects have named their group, TYP aka The Young Project.  Performing together for the first time, they seem to work well together.

Anabac had possibly the best performance so far but they have no real charisma.

I only have two words for L.O.V.E; Never. Ever.

Gap 5 were the the most fun of the groups who auditioned but this desperate plea for a pass to the live shows was dull.

None of the groups lacked any real energy at all.

The Boys

I’m not sure why Ruby Frost’s retreat is in Sydney.  Her guest mentor is the original Australian Idol winner and former X Factor Australia judge, Guy Sebastian.

Whenua Patuwai was one of the only upbeat showcases of the night and left Guy quite excited.

Fletcher Mills was better when he was sick.

Taiaroa Nehu also lacked the same flair we’d seen earlier.

I am at a complete loss as to why Liam Kennedy-Clark is on The X Factor New Zealand.  I can only expect Ruby will put him through.

Tom Batchelor may be the rocker of the competition but he seems unable to believably tell a story.

Bene Tipene is, for me, the one act in this category with the most potential.

How ironic was it hearing Guy Sebastian respond to Ruby Frost discarding one contestant into the “no” pile with a “No.. He’s amazing to me. You’re crazy!”

The Girls

Eden is an artist who is an interesting character.  I can’t still can’t see her winning.

I can’t figure out if Maddie “It’s so nice to get it over with” Bradley is confident enough or loves performing enough to go any further.

Oriana Faunu still has that massive voice but she hasn’t discovered the X Factor.

Of the entire Top 25, Cassie Henderson is the only true star.  I’m not sure that she’ll win but she will probably have the biggest career of anyone on the show no matter what happens if she can play her cards right.

Aotea Beazley reminds me so much of Aroha from NZ Idol but without the attitude.

Finlay Robertson was just boring.

Like at least 8,504 other people, I think that Jackie Thomas should definitely be in the top 12. Unfortunately that would result in Maddie Bradley being given the chop from my original list as I only had her there for the benefit of being able to let Cassie Henderson cannibalise her votes once she was eliminated.

The Overs

Stan Walker let the cat out of the bag on the 22nd of April, posting and then deleting an instagram photo of where he was.

Hollie Smith joins Stan in Queenstown and manages to survive the cold, and the contestants, with hardly a shirt.

Stan thought Grace Ikanasio’s performance was her best.  I didn’t. At all.

Maka Fiso was as boring as he usually is.

Anna Wilson had a terrible song choice.  The only thing missing was a giant cake.

Taye Williams joined the boring club.

Jessie Matthews was boring and pitchy compared to how she normally is.

The most interesting thing about Brian Townley is that his journey home will probably be the shortest.  The sooner he goes back to Invercargill and the sob story telling ends, the sooner we can get on with the real talent in this show.

The Verdict

The only change I would make would be switching out Maddie for Jackie.  Eveyone else, despite their rather dull and boring begging, were still better than the alternatives.

I really can’t wait to see who Ruby thinks she can win with.


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  • I actually enjoyed the show although I wish they had sung happier fun songs instead of what they did which most of time I have never heard off …great to see Natasha and Rachel Stevens 🙂

  • Sydney was a weird location. Unlike the others, it didn’t involve a retreat, just a bog standard hotel. Perhaps Guy Sebastian was too busy to leave town, so they had to go right to him.

  • Karamellion

    Whenua was EASILY the standout performance of the night. He delivered a perfect vocal, he wasn’t looking around like a high school talent contest and chose an almost upbeat song. He should easily be top 3 given last nights performances but I can almost guarantee Ruby-No Clue will go with “the interesting tones” of the other maori guy from Patea.

    This is X Factor NZ. Yes we’re looking for an international star, but really, do u see that happening? Put through people New Zealanders will actually like.

  • h.lua

    pwretty impressed with lastnites show thoe to me it seems ruby had already made up her mind before her contestants even sang infront of her and guy