New Sky TV channel Jones! launches today at 1pm

jones-channel-logoToday marks the launch of Sky TV’s new “good old days” channel Jones!.

Sky described the channel in their press release in March as offering “an affectionate homage to television’s finest moments with an eclectic mix of programming favourites from a time where innocent first screen crushes were made and friendships lasted a lifetime.”

It won’t be for everyone but if you’ve got a soft spot for a few classics such as Cheers, Dad’s Army, Happy Days, MacGyver etc then no doubt you’ll find something worth watching every now and again.

Check out our Jones! programming preview.

Jones! goes live at 1pm today with Happy Days.

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  • carol_56

    and coincidentally i recieve a letter from sky increasing my basic subscription package! hmmm i never asked for jones and wouldn’t buy it if i had the choice!!