Shortland Street chases The X Factor NZ away to later timeslot

XFactorNZThe Monday night Shortland Street hour has managed to chase The X Factor NZ to a later timeslot.

TV3 has confirmed they will be moving the Monday night results episode from 7.30pm to the later time of 8pm.

Sunday’s episode drew 395,500 while Monday’s attracted 317,010.

MediaWorks TV Director of Programming Mark Caulton says the move is due to “audience demand”.

“We are seeing a fabulous audience response on Sunday nights, but it has become clear that an 8pm timeslot on Mondays will better suit our viewers,” he said.

“We believe this change will best serve fans of The X Factor as we head into the LIVE shows.”


TV3’s Monday Night Line-up (effective May 20):

7.30pm – Drug Bust
8.00pm – The X Factor NZ- LIVE Results Show
9.00pm – Action movies as scheduled

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  • Lio

    Looks like TV3 is admitting defeat and this is The Blue Rose all over again!! I do hope its ratings pick up because I want another season of X Factor NZ!!

  • Good thinking by TV3….bet TVNZ are worried 🙂

    • Drew Horan

      The only people that are worried are TV3! They blinked first!lol

      • Actually I think the live shows will rate higher anyway as we hardly ever get live shows on TV in NZ 🙂

        • No they won’t. They will either stay the same as they are, or go down. The show is a joke, let’s face it.

          • In overseas versions of the X Factor, the live shows rate about the same as the audition shows. The results shows tend to rate slightly higher than the performance shows, so it makes sense that TV3 would want to maximise viewers.

    • Carol_56

      which planet are you on?? moving a show because it is not rating the way you want it to is an admission of failure to be able to win that timeslot!

  • h.lua

    fickle as usual tv3 thoe if its about ratings surely 3news shuld be moved considering most of the tym tvnz get over half a mil a nyt! just saying if the rule is move it if its not rating they shuld start inhouse first

    • The thing is it’s *only* the Monday show that’s not rating well, so it’s obviously not a problem with the production of the show. If TV3 didn’t move the X Factor, they’d end up with audiences switching over when Shorty finishes at 8pm, to catch the last half of the show just in time for the elimination. But as TV3 wants audiences to watch the whole episode, it’s good business sense to move it to 8pm.

      • h.lua

        after thinking about it like that i think i agree on that move et iz for the best for the talented performers to come on x factor they deserve a big audience

  • Harrison

    It was interesting to see Dominic Bowden hosting The X Factor Sunday night on TV3, and then on Monday morning drinking his own urine on TV2.

    • Getting overused does that to you.

      • Reece

        And yet Jason Gunn is always touted as your solution to host anything.

        • First of all, I didn’t say anything about Jason Gunn hosting The X Factor. I think we all know that won’t work. And secondly, even if he did, he’s a very talented presenter. There’s a reason why he has hosted so many shows.

          • h.lua

            what is that reason? is it his dry sense of humour? he would do good on a kiwi version of wipeout in my opinion

          • Dry sense of humor? A bit harsh. He’s very funny guy.

            But no, he can communicate with people well, and make them feel relaxed. And he has a way of presenting that is actually entertaining.

  • Reece

    I see TV2 have also scheduled their favorite thing in the world Big Bang Theory repeats at the time of 8:30 sunday now. I assume its a lazy attempt to lure people away from watching the X Factor?

    • Drew Horan

      The funny thing is that X Factor will now finish at 9.05 instead of 9pm so again TV2 may want to delay there movie again!! The things TV networks do these days!!

      • Reece

        Don’t Worry TV2 have answered all our prayers and blessed us all with a third episode of the Big Bang Theory for the night at 9PM. They seem to be getting inspiration from Nine in Australia who rely on the big bang theory to plug gaps.

        • bobscoffee

          Who is the programmer at TVNZ these days? Either they can’t be bothered or they’re running out of decent shows