Should Jackie Thomas have stayed on X Factor NZ? These people think so

After her culling at Boot Camp, Jackie Thomas’s fans have taken to social media to try and get her back on The X Factor NZ.

The Greymouth singer was given the boot this week despite the fact her audition of ‘Skinny Love’ was given four yes votes and described afterwards by Mel Blatt as being “a performance from the winner of X Factor”.

A Facebook page has been set up called “X Factor Bring Back Jackie Thomas” and already over 3,200 people like it.

The page states that the judges made the “worst decision of their careers” but what do you think? Should Jackie have stayed?

Do you think the X Factor judges were wrong to send Jackie Thomas home?

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  • If the criterial for winning the X Factor was the ability to deliver an incredible version of Skinny Love, Jackie Thomas would have had it in the bag. But it’s not. The bootcamp challenges were designed to push the contestants, to reveal their strengths and weaknesses. Jackie is a great singer but she stumbled in both the bootcamp challenges. Does the X Factor want a singer who can only sing one song well? No, they want someone who’ll be able to handle all the different performance challenges thrown at them every week on the live shows.

    • K

      EXACTLY Robyn! I am pleased she went because otherwise I would wonder what the point of bootcamp is…bad luck that she didn’t do well in bootcamp but no way I think should she have stayed …

  • BTW, I bet TV3 are pleased with all the social media hubbub this has generated. Everyone’s talking about it!

  • Andrew

    Sigh, its all about ratings people, they don’t want a boring 1 horse obvious winner all the way through. I bet she will be brought back as the Wildcard later on.

    • On other X Factors, the wildcards have only come from the top 24, not the bootcamp. As well, TV3 has put up an “exit interview” with Jackie, carefully asking her who’ll she be voting for. It seems she’s properly out.

  • In an intriguing twist, the version of “Skinny Love” by UK songstress Birdy has entered the NZ charts at #15, two years after its original release. Jackie was singing the Birdy version (as opposed to the Bon Ivor original), which did not originally chart in New Zealand in 2011 so to most viewers it would have been a fresh, new sound.