Sky TV to rebrand MGM as Sky Movies Classics

Image converted using ifftoanySky TV has announced they are rebranding one of their movie channels.

As of June 1, MGM will become known as Sky Movies Classics. It will continue to air the same array of films from the MGM library as it has done so for the past 13 years but with new additions from other studios included also.

Sky’s Director of Entertainment Programming, Travis Dunbar said the changes will add significant value to SKY Movies subscribers.

“When Sky Movies Classics launches in June, we humbly believe that it will offer a more varied movie experience. In many cases there will be films that have never played on New Zealand television or haven’t for decades including content from legendary filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, Sam Peckinpah, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford and John Boorman,” he said.

The programming team, led by Sky’s Head of Movies Chrissy Henderson, has worked hard to ensure that SKY Movies Classics will offer films for all generations and preferences.

“We have worked alongside MGM for many years and with their blessing will now work in with other studios to keep the channel looking fresh without compromising what we know our audience loves”, she said.

“We know our viewers enjoy a variety of genres and we are delighted to be able to draw on hundreds of new classic titles. Westerns are a perennial favourite and the rebrand means we can add Ride Vaquero, Rio Bravo, The Searchers and Gunfight At The OK Corral to our great Western stable, and the inclusion of deals from a few independent studios has enabled us to include titles such as L.A. Confidential, Natural Born Killers and Heat to our film library,” she said.

Sky Movies Classics launches Saturday 1 June on Sky Channel 033 and will continue to offer viewers the best classic films from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

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