Some X Factor ratings analysis

Some may argue that it’s an unfair comparison but let’s look at the numbers for TV3’s The X Factor compared to TV One’s New Zealand’s Got Talent.

NZGT, which began in September, dominated Sunday nights for the 13 weeks it was on and was the highest rating show of 2012.  The average audience for the series was 839,209 viewers per episode.  However, the difference between the highest and lowest rating episodes was more than 270,000 viewers.

The X Factor has been averaging just over 400,000 viewers per episode, less than half of what NZGT managed.


The next graphic compares the Sunday night ratings with the Monday night ratings.  Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the first Monday night elimination was the highest rating Monday episode.


Sunday’s are averaging 418,340 viewers per episode while Mondays are drawing 387,188.

There are a number of things that could happen from here on in.  The audience appears to be fairly consistent so far so the status quo may just see the numbers level off around 400,000 with the inevitable peak at the end.

If the quality of the show diminishes and the audience starts getting bored, the numbers could drop but still pick up that end peak.

The third option is that the show builds, the acts gather momentum, the buzz and hype generates greater interest and the numbers increase.

There seems to be a lot of buzz around social media, particularly compared to the shows that are out rating X Factor on other channels at the same time.  Why that isn’t converting into higher ratings must be incredibly frustrating.

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  • h.lua

    but im pwretty sure that if wen et cumz to key demoz tv 3 r winning for xfactor surely old people watch nzgt and u kan tel coz u dont c them on facebook or twitter as much

  • David Ballantyne

    think about it, the people who watch masterchef (channel one viewers) aren’t known for creating twitter buzz

    • Trudie_D

      Didn’t #NZGT trend enormously on the night of the 1st episode?

  • David Ballantyne

    I think TV3 would be pretty happy with their numbers. It is doing a lot better than a lot of their other shows!

  • They are still decent numbers still. A majority of people like it. So, it isn’t a lost cause.

  • X Factor NZ is VERY popular on Twitter in fact it’s still trending even 2 days after the results …on a related note I have got Gap5 following me, I had better start voting for them 🙂

  • I don’t believe the ratings. I reckon every person that watched NZGT watches X Factor. This just shows what a joke the ratings system is.

    • For a start, all the old grannies who loved Jessie Hillel on NZGT would not switch over to TV3 to watch a bunch of people singing pop songs they don’t enjoy.

    • Daniel

      I don’t think so. I think the presentation turns a lot of people off. The hosts don’t appeal to a lot of people. The package as a whole is not attractive to a lot of people as well.

      • Drew Horan

        Absolutely the presentation and who ever produces the live shows needs to up their game. This is The X Factor for crying out loud and the production values need to be lifted and the smoke machine needs to gooo and can somone please address the apalling lighting. GAWD I wish i was the producer!lol

  • TV1 is always going to be at an advantage because of the oldies who never ever change channels. Couple that with a show like NZGT that has really broad family appeal (much more so than XF) and you’ve got a textbook TV1 hit.

    XF appeals to a smaller audience (if you don’t like pop music, you won’t enjoy it) and TVNZ has the huge draw of MKR to keep audiences stuck on TV2 after Shorty. So yeah, it’s absolutely no surprise that the XF ratings are a lot lower than NZGT.

  • I see on TV1 they are advertising NZGT as the biggest show on NZ TV but that’s a load of crap as X Factor NZ has to be by far the biggest show NZ has ever done 🙂

    • disqus_qzuSpY8TK3

      How much are TV3 paying you? lol

    • Dan’iel Harding

      Actually, according to the ratings, NZGT win by 400,000 viewers?