Three things from Twitter about X Factor tonight

  1. There was no time to complain about how bad Daniel’s fashion was on our eyes with our ears hurting so much. (Although, speaking of wardrobe: Dominic was getting a little picked on for dressing in sweats.) We’ll take a while to get Halo and Unfaithful out of our nightmares.
  2. Neil Finn took his cue from his song being sung on the show to start tweeting insults about the show.
  3. There’s er genuine concern for the girls going to retreat with Daniel, especially after his put on voice when reading out their names.

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  • Natasha will be there with Daniel so the girls will be safe……stupid comment 🙂

    • Try convince everyone on Twitter of that…. SOoooo many people were saying it.

      • Actually I think Daniel is a very good judge and won’t be surprised if he mentors the winner of X Factor NZ 🙂

        • I am looking forward to the mentoring. Will be very different from what we’ve seen on NZ TV comps to date.

  • K


    have to say, the thought crossed my mind too…

  • I’m still haunted by Daniel reading out the final name in his deepest, huskiest sexy uncle voice. “Aaaaarohaaaa”.

    Having said that, I could actually imagine them all having a slumber party at his retreat. Pillow fight!