Trailers for the news shows from CBS

CrazyOnesCBS has delivered a bunch of new series for the 2013/14 season that are heavy on divorce as a theme.

Some big names involved in their new shows include Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Faris and Toni Collette.

Here’s what they have to offer.


Australian actress Toni Collette plays a surgeon who’s about to operate on the president of the United States but is forced to botch the job by a rogue FBI agent who takes her family hostage.



Drama about a secret operative who has a high-tech microchip implanted in his brain that can tap into top secret networks.


We Are Men

Chris Smith, Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub and Jerry O’Connell feature in this comedy about a groom who was ditched at the alter and moves into a housing complex alongside older divorced guys.



Anna Faris (Scary Movie) plays a recently divorced mum and recovering alcoholic in this comedy.


The Millers

Will Arnett (Arrested Development) plays a recently divorced man who has to now put up with his parents’ turbulent relationship.


The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar play a father and daughter who work at the same advertising agency in this one.

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