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(Does Eden Roberts have a Twitter account?)

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  • Here’s one measure of their popularity – their number of followers:

    Moorhouse 3702
    Taye 3537
    Cassie 2337
    Whenua 1379
    Fletcher 1323
    Gap5 909
    Benny 806
    Jackie 733
    Anna 395
    Maaka 312
    Tom 192
    L.O.V.E. 178

    Eden ?

    Could this mean Tom and LOVE will be in the bottom two tonight?

    • I never tend to follow Twitter followers as a way of gauging their popularity as some NZ’ers aren’t on Twitter (hard to believe but true.)

      However LOVE will be in the bottom two, depends on who the other one is and it’s either Tom or Fletcher….

      But you never know….

      • Yep, only a small proportion of Kiwis are on Twitter. Will be interesting to see though!

  • Harrison

    I hope they reveal the ranking order!

  • Daniel

    Who cares.