And the Oscar doesn't go to...

Last night we went to a bad movie, tonight one of the acts go home.  Despite them not being that great, I really hope Gap5 stay in the competition.

Daniel let his arrogance run rife and mocked Mel saying how hard it must be having an act in the bottom two every week.

Stan gets mocked by Mel for crying before he snaps and defensively tells her that she’s cried during the show too.

Other than their own acts, Daniel liked Whenua and Ruby liked Cassie.  Stan is thinking Gap5 and Benny will be bottom two tonight.  Mel admits she doesn’t have much confidence in the voting public.

Ronald McDonald House is a big deal for anyone who has ever needed it.  It’s a phenomenal place and the experience for the X Factor finalists will have had will no doubt be a memory that will stay with them forever.

Nice to hear both Stan Walker and Ruby Frost’s music during the segment tonight.

Dane Rumble takes to the stage for the first performance of the night and the mosh pit comes to life for the first time as the excited teens dance and, shock horror, sing a song they know that’s current.

Imagine what it’s going to be like when Reece Mastin takes to the stage!

Results time and poor Stan sits at the desk by himself while the mentors and their acts take to the stage to learn their fate!

Safe and through to next week are:

Whenua Patuwai
Cassie Henderson
Jackie Thomas

Bottom Two:
Tom Batchelor
Benny Tipene

I’m torn as to who should go home because I’m really not fussed.  Based on entertainment factor alone, it should be Benny going home.

Reece Mastin’s performance is superb.  It’s a real shame that the little girls in the mosh pit are too busy watching it on their 3 inch screens instead of what’s happening on the stage in front of them.

At the sing off, Tom Belts out a cut back version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.  It’s actually quite good.

Benny Tipene resorts to busking for pennies with I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.  It’s actually quite good as well but Tom’s performance was more entertaining and much bolder.

The judges vote:
Ruby abstains so deadlock is off the table.
Mel votes to send home Benny.
Daniel votes to send home Tom.

The man with no acts gets to decide who is going home.  He votes and going home this week, with more regret than he’s ever had on the show, is Tom Batchelor.

It had to play out like that after Stan gave Benny such high praise early on, suggesting he may be the first international star they’d discovered.

Next week’s theme is Made in America so plenty of great songs to choose from.

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  • David

    Gap 5 should have gone, I like Benny and Tom so I think whoever sings worse in their singoff should go.

  • K

    When Dom says fight for your survival, I don’t think anyones taken it very seriously…..until now. I don’t envy the judges….bloody hard decision. I’m not a fan of either Benny or Tom but they really put their all into both those performances. wow.

    have a feeling Tom’s going though…

  • David

    What are your thoughts on the coke choice options Regan?

    • Regan Cunliffe

      like all the songs, they should sound as if the act performing them would put it on their own record

  • Trevor Ashman

    I see Sunday nights X Factor NZ has got a special guest …wonder who it is 🙂

  • Citizen Cane

    My interest in this just dropped by 33.3 recurring percent. As soon as I saw Tom in the bottom two I thought of Lenny Kravitz and Rock & roll is dead.

  • Jeseta

    I thought Reece Mastin was terrible! I’m really surprised he won a singing competition because I didn’t like his voice at all. I’m surprised the young girls even like him, he looks like a bit of a munter to me…

    • Reece

      After watching that performance I am even more convinced that the X Factor Australia is as talentless as the NZ one. I guess everyone should be glad that someone with his looks is so popular with girls it means they aren’t shallow.

      He has a good name however.