Is this the next big food show for New Zealand?

GreatBritishBakeOffThere’s a new baking series on the rise and New Zealand could be next to jump on the bandwagon.

The Great British Bake Off is the latest franchise to take off and while we already have Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker on TV3, a New Zealand version could be an interesting prospect given the ratings success the likes of MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules have enjoyed on TV One and TV2.

The Brits started it all in 2010 and since then the Bake Off franchise has spread to the likes of America, France, Ireland, Italy and most recently Australia.

Anyone who has caught The Great British Bake Off on Prime will see the differences immediately between it and other cooking shows.

Hosted by two comedic actresses, the series takes a light-hearted approach to the genre and plays less on the frantic drama and rivalry among contestants you see in the likes of MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules and more on the amateur bakers and their interactions with the hosts and judges.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously either, as the contestants aren’t trying to produce restaurant quality dishes, they’re just doing their best.

It’s genuinely funny and entertaining, even for those who don’t enjoy baking themselves.

If the success this year of MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules is anything to go by, having a reality food series in a primetime evening slot works a treat.

Perhaps The Great New Zealand Bake Off is next…

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About the author

  • bobscoffee

    Please don’t encourage this Brad. We’ve had enough cooking shows. We don’t need another one.

  • Christine

    Oh please do encourage it. I loved this show. Yes I know there are a lot of cooking shows on TV but that’s because people like them and this particular one is better than most.

  • h.lua

    hopefully tv3 jump on this before ets too late they need to start thinking smart

    • Drew Horan

      They already are thinking smart, there bringing the Aussie smash House Rules to NZ next month! Will be interesting to see how TVNZ reacts!!

  • Robyn Gallagher

    I love the Great British Bake-Off. It’s so lovely and cosy. I think part of the appeal is having Mel and Sue present it – two smart, funny comedians – and then combine that with the silver fox appeal of Paul Hollywood and the grand dame of cakes Mary Berry. But the best thing is while the contestants create amazing treats, there are still plenty of accessible points for viewers. I thank the show for leading me to an amazing focaccia recipe!

  • Drew Horan

    I hope TVNZ gets it since TV3 announced today they are bringing the Aussie renovation series House Rules to our screens when they already own Nine’s The Block!

  • Harrison

    TV3 are going to put House Rules on every night from Tuesday to Friday at 7.30-8.30 🙁

  • Richard Duff

    Hottest Home Baker has had terrible ratings for TV3 this year, it might have done well last year, but that looks like it was a one-off, cause the first season rated badly too. It’s probably not right for TV3 audiences, but it would be interesting to see Prime do it since they already air the British version.

    • Drew Horan

      Home Baker has been beating Coro in the demos that TV3 cares about! So I would deem that as a success!

  • David Finch

    I fear the key word in the show title is BRITISH. Do NZ producers even know how to do this kind of restrained un-hyped programme anymore? Do we have decision-makers at the networks who are capable of recognising what is good about this kind of show? My wife and I find Hottest Home Baker unwatchable and we’re smack in the middle of TV3’s preferred demographic.