Live Blog: X Factor Double Elimination

After last night’s show, there are at least two acts who deserve to be going home.  The way it will work is the act with the lowest number of votes will automatically be going home.  Then, the next two acts with the lowest number of votes will get to face off with the judges eliminating one of them from the competition.

During the recap, Cassie Henderson’s post performance interview reveals she’s less than happy with her mentor, saying “anything Daniel says will be lost to my memory“.  Classic!

Titanium perform Tattoo and show Moorhouse how it should be done.  One of those boys has a real pitch problem.

With that, it’s elimination time.

Through to next week’s show:

Tom Batchelor
Jackie Thomas
Whenua Patuwai
Benny Tipene
Cassie Henderson
Anna Wilson

Bottom 3:
Maka Fiso
Fletcher Mills

The act with the lowest number of votes this week and leaving immediately is:

Fletcher Mills – can’t say I’m disappointed

This means Gap5 and Maka Fiso will face off.  Only in crazy land will Gap5 be going home.

It truly is NZ Idol week with Season Two winner Rosita Vai doing back up vocals for Aaradhna.

Maka Fiso delivers his signature Monday night karaoke special.  The boy can sing but he he is just not entertaining.

Gap5 are ok but again lack the energy I’m expecting from them.

I can only assume that Mel and Daniel will vote for Gap5.  Stan will vote for Maka so it will come down to Ruby.


Stan Walker votes to send home Gap5
Melanie Blatt votes to send home Maka Fiso
Daniel Bedingfield votes to send home Maka Fiso
Ruby Frost votes to send home Maka Fiso

That means it’s the end of the line for Maka Fiso!

Next week it’s biggest songs on the planet right now.  Bring it on!  And get it right!

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  • Chris

    Thankfully the judges get to decide that one so Ruby & Dan can save them and hopefully make the right choice. Maaka has a good voice but Gap5 has the x-factor and far more potential.

    Great tweet for you by the way in case you missed it from @josephmoore1 –
    “Rosita Vai on backup!!! Also: Michael Murphy is the X Factor janitor and Ben Lummis drives the #xfactornz contestant bus”. Hahahaha

  • David

    I hope Gap 5 stay but I think the judges might keep Maaka!

  • Robyn Gallagher

    I’m sad Fletcher has gone, just as he’d seemed to have overcome his nerves and found his voice. The best theory I’ve heard for him getting the lowest votes is that young teen girl voters were mainly voting to support Moorhouse after their bottom-two shock last week. And that’s also why Gap5 ended up in the bottom.

    There’s only so much voting coin to go around, so those acts who appeal to the same demographic are on shaky ground.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Found his voice, maybe, but was deadpan boring!

      I’d go as far as saying every NZ Idol finalist from all three seasons had more X Factor than he ever showed during the live finals…

      • Chris

        Aside from his performance of Titanium in the first show I’d definitely agree with you there. People seem to be really annoyed he’s gone, they’re just focusing on how good his voice is.

        • Robyn Gallagher

          Oh, I was talking about Fletcher, but the same really applies to Maaka. They were both competent singers, but neither had that elusive spark that makes a really compelling performer. Benny and Tom have it in bucketloads, Whenua less so.

  • Trevor Ashman

    I think the final will be between Jackie, Cassie and Gap5 with of course Jackie winning 🙂

    • Chris

      I’d be happy with those three but I wouldn’t underestimate or be surprised if Benny was there. His popularity is skyrocketing – since Throng’s graph of facebook fans a couple of weeks ago he’s gained about 10,000 fans which is a lot more than any other contestant.

      • Trevor Ashman

        Guess we will find out soon enough 🙂

      • Robyn Gallagher

        Benny is an interesting one. He has a bit of the “cute guy” factor (and so may pick up some of Fletcher’s votes) but he also seems to appeal to bloke viewers in a kind of Jordan Luck way (and I’d say Tom also has this appeal). And yeah, he’s hugely popular online – he’s funny and engaging. I’d love to know what the voting percentages are!