Magnificent! Campbell Live ends week on massive high

Campbell Live has ended the 17th week up against TV One’s Seven Sharp in impressive style.  Topping off two new ratings records, Campbell Live has gone on to beat Seven Sharp in the 5+ ratings 4 out of 5 nights this week.

The ratings give Campbell Live and average audience of 402,718 viewers per episode.  This is up a significant 18% on last week.  Seven Sharp also increased their viewership by 1% with an average audience of 379,426 viewers per episode.


Campbell Live’s average audience per episode for the week is also the highest of both shows since TV One launched Seven Sharp back in February.  Seven Sharp’s best week back in April when they broke the 400k mark for the first and only time with 400,446 viewers.

This week has also seen the 5 point moving average converge and Campbell Live has moved in front for the first time.

Seven Sharp, on the other hand, had their lowest rating episode since the beginning of April.

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  • Daniel

    I think John Campbell is filling the shoes of the late Paul Holmes. The 7 Sharp programme is left wanting yet John Campbell knows how to act professionally. Viewers will eventually leave 7 Sharp, as most people knew from the start. People want serious, current issues, rather been served up sloppy, shitty items.

  • bobscoffee

    This could eventually become commonplace, with Seven Sharp regularly coming second

  • Seven Sharp have deliberately moved away from the “hard hitting current affairs” format of Campbell Live (and Close Up/Holmes before), going for a more lighthearted, heartwarming and entertaining content. I think it works, and it’s a good alternative to the heavier Campbell Live. Perhaps audiences are now switching between the two depending on their mood. But I can’t help but think that TVNZ wouldn’t be happy if Seven Sharp is continuously beaten by Campbell Live.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Ahhh! Good point.

  • disqus_qzuSpY8TK3

    The lighthearted and entertaining approach is refreshing…the social media integration is also a nice touch too. I don’t think Seven Sharp is bad at all. It’s come a long way since its first episode and rates far higher than Campbell Live for me…

  • Leo

    This is the BEST NEWS EVER and finally common sense is prevailing! Campbell Live is a far superior show than Seven Sharp. If the decline at TVNZ continues, surely heads will roll. We want real news not fluff.

  • jon smith

    cambell sux

  • julz

    Luv both crawl b4 you walk