Nik Wallenda tightrope across the Grand Canyon: LIVE

NIKDaredevil or freak (you decide) Nik Wallenda will bid to become the first man to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope today, LIVE at 12pm on The Discovery Channel, admitting failure will make great TV.

The record-breaker has said he will wear no harness for the stunt, but he will be rigged up with multiple cameras and microphones.
There will be a seven to 10-second delay on a live broadcast by the Discovery Channel but Wallenda, a seventh generation member of the Flying Wallendas circus family, admits a mishap would doubtless boost ratings.

He has trained for the worst, and said that – unlike his great-grandfather Karl who grabbed vainly for the wire before falling to his death in 1978 aged 73 – he would be able to hold on if necessary.
“It’s not like I just grab with my hands like people visualise. I wrap my legs round it, my hands round it, I hug that wire like a bear hug until help comes. I’ve got rescue teams that would be with me within a minute,” he said.

“The networks would love it if that were to happen because it makes incredible TV, but I have no desire to end up that way, that’s for sure.” He added: “I wanna die in a bed next to my wife, at an old age over 100 years old. That’s my dream.”I don’t want to die performing.”

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