Winning, the new normal for Campbell Live

Last night marked the fourth straight win in a row for Campbell Live and the fifth win in six nights over TV One’s Seven Sharp.  I note, with interest, that nothing has been mentioned about this, or Campbell Live‘s new records they set last week by the mainstream media who were pretty keen to slap Seven Sharp around.

We’ve had some interesting dicussions with people in the 55+ demo who used to watch Close Up but are now flipping over to TV3 for their current affairs as they can’t stand those “immature folk” on TV One. They’re still watching One News though but it will be interesting to see what happens over time if the ageing population decides to turn their back on TVNZ after their regular messing with the brand.

The next couple of weeks of ratings between these two shows should be very interesting.

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  • Monkey Mouse

    Are there any ratings stats available for the 18–49/25–54 demos? It’d be interesting to compare SS/CL’s performances in those, as well as against the broader 5+ demo.

  • Is the Emperor wearing clothes

    One of the biggest reasons for getting rid of Close Up was a concern that it didn’t hold viewers from the end of 6pm, meaning ratings throughout the rest of the evening suffered. Now Seven Sharp is doing a much worse job. Over the last week or so, around 40-50% of people watching in the final quarter of 6pm are switching over at the start of Seven Sharp – some to Shortland Street, but many to Campbell Live.

    Traditionally, 3News starts well in most demographics on the back of a great lead-in from Home and Away, before slowly falling away as the hour progresses. Campbell Live used to continue this trend, often losing a big chunk of the viewership it got off the back of 3News. Recently, the trend has reversed, and now Campbell Live is consistently increasing the rating it gets from the news bulletin.

    Mediaworks must be overjoyed. The question is – how long will TVNZ continue with the current situation? There are rumours of a soft re-launch, focussing on the presenters. They have been trying out a couple of things lately – shorter clips (30secs to 2 minutes), a minor celebrity panelist each night. Basically more studio chit-chat. The difficulty for Seven Sharp is that there are some seriously big reputations and careers at stake here – and there may a real fear of being shown up.

  • Mr BBi

    “We’ve had some interesting discussions with people in the 55+ demo who used to watch Close Up but are now flipping over to TV3”

    Exactly right!. My folks are watching Campbell Live 3-4 nights a week now after years of watching Holmes/Close Up. Their #1 complaint is too many presenters yakking way too much to each other. Maybe Seven Sharp is trying too hard to be Ch10(AU) “The Project”.

  • Carol_56

    1st story on Seven Sharp last night was about a reporters misguided paranoia over wi-fi signals…. I was confused… it reaked of an old person’s misunderstanding of technology, I thought they were trying to appeal to a younger audience anyway? – it went absolutely NOWHERE, and didn’t prove anything – a NON-story!

  • Daniel

    Bring back Mike Hosking.

    • Kirsty87

      There would be no stories allowed about Skycity if that was the case because he sold out to them

  • Bardolph

    Interestingly we (in what can be termed an ‘older’ age group stuck with One News for a while but have now moved to Three News. Seven Sharp is not just a poor programme it is an insult to a viewing audience that probably watch it much as they watch TV One – because most TVs when switched on start at Channel One.