Channel Share Analysis Part 2: Mediaworks

This is the second post in a series about channel share and how each of the main players have been performing over the last few years.  Yesterday we had a look at TVNZ.  Today it is Mediaworks turn.

In recent years, TV3 have declared their intent on making inroads into TV One’s share.  2010 saw TV3 just short of 15%.  However, like we saw with TV2’s numbers that we published yesterday, 2011 had a decline of 7.1%.  2012 saw an additional 7% decrease in channel share while 2013 has proved much better, despite the off screen drama, with an increase of 3.5%.


It is clear when looking at the numbers that Mediaworks decision to rebrand C4 was the right one.  The first year saw the rebranded channel enjoy a 23% lift and it has been positive news ever since.  2012 saw a further 9.5% increase and 2013 is off to an even better start with 11.7% so far.  The change has helped Mediaworks increase the channel share by more than 50% since the rebrand on February 6, 2011.


From the beginning of 2013, Nielsen TAM began providing us with channel share data for TV3+1.  The plus one channel provides Mediaworks with an additional 1% share with the hour delayed programming.  The combined total between TV3 and the plus one channel is still slightly less than the overall channel share that was delivered in 2010.  However, the combined total for Mediaworks has gone from 18.1% in 2010 to 19.1% in 2013.



Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+
2013 is to June 30th

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