Channel Share Analysis Part 3: Sky Television

This is the third post in a series about channel share and how each of the main players have been performing over the last few years.  On Monday we had a look at TVNZ.  Yesterday it was Mediaworks. Today we’ll look at Sky Television.

The most unfortunate thing about the Sky Television ratings is that apart from a couple of individual channels, the bulk of the data is aggregated. This gives Sky the single largest individual channel share despite it including multiple channels.  in 2011, boosted by the Rugby World Cup, Sky Televsion grew its channel share by 7.3% to 29.6%.  In 2012, the London Olympics helped maintain that share, moving up by 0.5% to 29.8% while 2013 is off to a slow start with a loss of 4.7% of the channel share so far to 28.4% which is likely to end up being lower now that he EPL rights have been lost.


The free-to-air jewel in Sky Television’s Pay TV crown, Prime has hovered around the 5% channel share mark.  In 2011 their 4.8% channel share was a 15.5% drop on 2010.  2012 saw a 25.4% gain push the channel share to just over 6%.  In 2012 it was also revealed that Prime had swiped the CBS deal off Mediaworks but that hasn’t translated into channel share as they’ve lost 18.8% so far in 2013 to 4.9%


Both Sky’s subscription channel share and their free-to-air channel share Prime have delivered practically identical numbers between 2010 and 2013 with a combined 33.3% channel share between them.

Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+
2013 is to June 30th

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